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our services

urban design & architecture

We work at the interface of architecture and urban design to create the place's character and identity. We assist in providing a high-level vision, including but not limited to, conceptual design, programming, and integration of multiple objectives to create distinct urban spatial experiences. We foster collaboration between our teams and clients to enhance new ideas, materials, and technologies that promote sustainable environments and architecture. We take the projects from the early stages of design to details integrating all scales of design into the same concept.

residential design

We love working on residential projects whether they are new projects, additions, or renovations of existing structures. The relationship with our clients is very important to us. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and needs and create the scope of work. We provide sketches for design approvals in the schematic phase, finalize plans using renders and models, discuss materials and budget in the design development phase, we develop detailed drawings and materials specifications. It is a transformative experience that we explore fully using hand sketches, 3-D renderings, and virtual videos through all design phases. We remain close to the construction site supervising builders and trades. We develop custom details for cabinets, door knobs, and furniture proposals that align with the original design concept and supervise detail execution and construction on site. We follow up with our clients on future needs and site developments.

object design  

Design at the small scale is a fun, relaxing and rewarding activity. We enjoy to design objects such as, a small outdoor altar that is part of the experience of walking up a stair, a mural that livens a barren kitchen wall, a window marble screen - key feature of the main portico façade - that offers privacy and filtered sunlight in the living room, a floor mosaic that energizes the main entrance doorstep, signage and room interiors, lighting concepts, furniture and rug proposals that stimulate emotions to their users, jewelry inspired from different cultures and concepts of accessorizing that grace our lives.

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