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Mykonos House on the Hill




Mykonos, Greece

The house on the Hill is a compound of independent structures built in the Myconian vernacular around a main courtyard in two levels. The houses built on the northern face of the plot provide great views of the Aegean Archipelagos while blocking the strong northern winds to create a protected environment into the main courtyard, outdoor living spaces and swimming pool area.

Sitting on the hill with a 270 degree exposure to the Aegean sea we reorganized the outdoor sitting and dining areas with a new entrance beyond the courtyard to enjoy the sea views while two full size bedroom suites with their own plaza were added at the lower level. The main task was to effect the addition while maintaining the scale and character of the compound as it has been growing organically over the past 50 years.

The kitchen project was the first renovation undertaken by the house's current owners. Besides adding two rooms to separate the kitchen from the pantry and laundry, a new service terrace adjacent to the swimming pool provides a dedicated service entrance to the compound.

In the summer 2020, renown greek painter Pavlos Samios and beloved friend of the owners painted a mural inspired by the objects around him in the architect's new kitchen.

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