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We think of Architecture as written history in built form. It defines humanity. It unveils who we are. Our 30-year professional career in architecture has been guided by the quest of how different cultures perceive and embrace the symbolic meaning of built form not only to transform and guide their daily lives but also to create identity and culture. 

We approach Architecture as an act of transformation.  Like a caterpillar that transforms from a place of humility to a powerful, new, and free butterfly, we use Architecture's emanating powers to create dynamic and inspiring places that grace our lives. We center the design of each project around a specificity, whether this is a unique characteristic of the site, program, materiality, or an idea that frames the project's circumstance in space and time.  

We create Architecture with a concept-driven design at multiple scales from small objects to private dwellings to public buildings to urban design projects. The concept connects the distinct parts of each proposal to create a whole. We use space, light, materiality, and texture to create moving experiences.  

We build Architecture integrating innovative sustainable techniques and materials in harmonious collaboration with engineering teams, builders, and our clients. 

We are recognized for Architecture that evokes reflection and sense-provoking qualities in the experience of the place. 

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